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Food Manager Certification

It is a requirement that a Food Manager must be present at all times during operating hours of a commercial business and Food Safety Zones (FSZ) utilizes the nationwide-accredited ServSafe program to provide up-to-date comprehensive training to participants in the food industry. 

The Food Manager certification is a requirement in most states, including Washington, D.C.,  Maryland and Virginia.

We professionally prepare the students for the required Food Managers' exam. This training emphasizes the core risk factors that can pose a potential threat of foodborne illnesses and effective strategies to help prevent them.


We offer the following:

  • On-site or Off-site Class Instruction (at client location)

  • Study Guide and Review

  • 90 question exam

  • Food Manager Certificate upon successfully passing the ServSafe exam


Classes are taught in English.  

Class Exam Languages:      English, Spanish, Fr.Canadian, Chinese or Korean

Online Exam Languages:    English or Spanish


Tuition:      $135 pp

Duration:   Based on State Requirement 

Please contact us at (240) 233-4255

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