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Alcohol Certification

In most states it is required to have an individual with a license to serve alcohol present during all hours of operation. 


This course in alcohol safety prepares bartenders, servers, expediters, coat checkers, valets, managers, and front-of-house personnel to serve responsibly and safely to the public. 


Training in the fundamentals of handling difficult situations, how to be an observer in order to prevent high risk outcomes, understanding the role of the liquor authority and what penalties they can assess to you or the business are areas covered in this training. 


The core elements of this training is:

  • Understanding Alcohol Laws and Your Responsibility

  • Recognizing and Preventing Intoxication

  • Checking Identification

  • Handling Difficult Situations


A 70-question exam is administered and a passing score of 80% earns a certificate which is required to pursue the license from your local liquor authority. 

Tuition:        $65 pp  (min. 3 persons)

Duration:     3-4 hours


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